Below items are sold.

Max Sauze – Isocele Tables

Theo Ruth – Cocktail Chair

CJ Rosengaarden – Dining Table

Gijs van der Sluis – Model 540

Anta Leuchten – ‘Nil’ Pendant Lamp

Rodolfo Bonetto Floorlamp

Ligne Roset – Flexus Sofa

Martin Visser – SZ67 Chair

Dresser Klingenberg – Fristho

Vintage Space-age Lamp

Magazine Rack – 1970s

Memphis Style Lamp – 1970’s

Modus Chair – Borsani

Postmodern Coffee-table

Set of 6 Wall Lamps – 1970’s

Post-Modern Wall Unit – 1980s

2 Thonet Dining Chairs

Krijn Hamelink Chairs

‘ Polo’ Stools – Castelli

Ligne Roset – Sofa 1980s

Gepo Lamp – Table Lamp 1970’s

Nesting Tables – 1960s

1970s Coatrack

Kubikoff Dining Chairs

Gispen – Office Chair 1970s

Vintage Moroccan Side Table

Fritz Hansen – Attitude Chair

Thonet-Style Dining Chairs

Cassina – Maralunga sofa

Opal Møbler – Set Sidetables

Wall Lamps by Raak – 1960s

Ferdinand Solère – Floorlamp

Bended Plywood Chair

Set Stools – Shin Azumi

Modernist Table – 1980s

Verner Panton – Panton Chair

Thonet – S320 Dining Chairs

Rodolfo Dordoni – Table

Ribbon Table Lamp – Habitat

‘Kilo’ Nesting Tables – Habitat

Concorde Chair – Pierre Paulin

Coat Rack – Coen de Vries

Footstool in Wool & Wood

Set Nesting Tables – 1960s

Vintage Side Table – 1980’s

Braakman – SM08 Chairs

Teak Wall Unit – Tomado

Set Wall Lamps – 1980

Plywood Magazine Holder

Pendant Lamp – Denmark

Nesting Tables – 1960

Louis Kalff Wall Lamps – 1960’s

Plexiglas Lamps – 1970’s

Midcentury Coffeetable

Floris Fiedeldij – Table Lamp

Anvia Lamp – Hoogervorst

Postmodern Fuga Lamp

Rare Regina Gouda Vase

Fruitbowl – Wired Metal, 1950’s

Wall Lamp H. Busquet – Hala

Vintage Easy Chair – 1980’s

P. Rowan – Magaz. Rack

Magazine Rack – F. Fiedeldij

P. Paulin – Artifort 877

F. Fiedeldij Table – Artimeta

Vintage Teak Dining Chair – 1960’s

Large Mushroom Lamp 1970

Space-age Pendant Lamp 1960

Metal & Glass Side Table

Memphis Style Side Table

Lakro – Set of Pendant Lamps

Fog & Morup – Semi Lamp

Eames-Style Side Table

Artimeta – Nesting Tables

Adrian Reed – Suzy Stool

Magazine Unit – Plexiglas

Nesting Tables – 1960

Memory Game – Eames

Rimadesio – Coathanger

Teak Table Lamps – 1960s

Vintage Philips Table Lamp

Vintage post-modern Sputnik

Van Teeffelen – Milan Table

Wooden Table Lamp – 1980

Archit. Table Lamp – 1970

Sticks Storage Unit – 1960

Pierre Paulin – Boston Chairs

Boby Trolley – Joe Colombo

Postmodern Armchair

Y. Sasamoto – Wisdom Tooth

Vintage Side Table -1940’s

Meridiana Chair – Christophe Pillet

Postmodern Table Lamp

Lotek lamp – Premsela

Midcent. Floorlamp – 1960’s

Concorde Chairs – Pierre Paulin

Vintage Side Tables -1950’s

P. Paulin – Artifort 877 Table

Rex Lounge Chairs – Niko Kralj

G. Harcourt – F154 Chairs

H.A. Jakobsson – V-155

Teak Daybed/Sideboard

Midcentury Side Table – 1960’s

Nesting Tables – Brabantia

Wall Unit DD01 – M. Visser

Space Age Pendant Lamp

Vintage Bedside Table – 1960

Max Sauze – Isocele Tables

R. M. Stevens – Metal Chair

Hoogervorst – Anvia Lamp

Space-age table – 1970’s

P. Cadovius – Royal System

Vintage Drawer – 1960’s

Teak sideboard – Formule

Tobias Grau – Table Lamp

G. Stoppino – Scagno Side Table

Cassina – 100 Years Rietveld

Rex Dining Chair – Niko Kralj

Teak Dining chairs – Denmark

Rietveld – Oase chairs

Ben Chair – Paulin for Artifort

C070 Sofa by Kho Liang Ie

Lamp Staff Leuchten – 1970’s

Wink by Toshiyuki Kita

Coatrack ‘Toonladder’

Sputnik Pendant Lamp – 1980’s

Robin Day for Hille – Amchair

Hanging Lamp – 1960’s

L. Kalff for Philips – Starry Sky

Max Sauze for Atrow – ‘Isocele’

Matteo Thun – Teapot and Cup

Magazine Holder in Rattan

Lakro Pendant Lamp – 1960’s

Pendant Lamp – 1960’s

Willem Gispen – Model 412

Gallotti & Radice Table – 1960’s

Vintage Pendant Lamp – 1980’s

Plantholder & Magazine Unit

Boomerang Coffeetable

Wall Unit DD01 – M. Visser

Dutch Ceiling Lamp – 1950’s

Magazine Rack – 1950’s

Acrylic Side Table – 1980’s

Khodi Feiz – Sidetable

Brabantia – Magazine Holder

Eckhardt – Karel Doorman

Jorge Pensi – Wall Lamps

Gijs van der Sluis Chairs

Ceiling Lamps – 1960’s

B. Gatta – Stilnovo – Model 232

Vintage Dining Chair – 1950’s

Bedside Table – 1960’s

Midcentury Easy Chairs – 1960’s

Magazine holder – 1980’s

WMF – Ikora Candleholder

W. Noyons – Fruit & Fire

Bishop Lamp – M. van Schijndel

Midcentury Lounge chair

Large Tentacle Lamp – Herstal

Vintage Pendant Lamp – 1970’s

Wim Rietveld – Model 1401

Vintage Desk Lamp – 1950’s

Vintage table in Memphis style

Louis20 chair – Philippe Starck

Lamina Chair – Yngve Ekström

Vintage Dressing Table – 1960’s

R. Wolf for Elsrijk – Dining table

Cesare Lacca coffee table

Tolomeo lamp – Artemide

Stancraft Clock – 1960’s

R. Sapper – Tea Kettle 9091

Vintage Space-age Lamp 1970

Henningsen – Poulsen – PH5

Honsel – Wall Lights Perriand

M. Graves – Alessi – Tea Kettle

Luce Centre Italy Floorlamp

Harcourt for Artifort – Sofa

Vintage Desk Lamp – 1950’s

Vintage Floor Lamp -1980’s

Vintage Floor Lamp – 1980’s

Vintage Dining Chairs – 1950’s

Vintage Desk Lamp – 1980’s

Cubic Wall Lamps – B Lighted

Vintage Glass Vase – 1980

Vintage Cabinet – 1950’s

Vintage Table-lamp – 1980’s

Colored Glass Dish – 1980’s

Pukeberg – Candle holder

Kebe Denmark – Lounge Chair

H. A. Jakobsson – Floorlamp

Fredericia – 2452 Sofa

Floorlamp – 2 Spots – 1970’s

C. Ploderer Table Lamp – T3

Cini & Nils – Lamp Aureola

Artifort – F588 Lounge Chair

Post-modern Desk-Lamp – 1980’s

Palio Table Lamp – Arteluce

Cassina – Maralunga sofa

Toshiyuki Kita – Luck Sofa

Kembo – Dolmas Chair

Gepo Table Lamp – 1970’s

Wall lamp Eclipse – Dijkstra


Magazine-holder – 1980’s

P. Guariche – Maison du Monde

Blow-Up Lounge Chair

Matsushita Desk Lamp 1960’s

Alberto Meda – Alias Big Frame

Nesting tables in Lucite Acrylic

Teak Triangular Coffeetable

Teak Coffeetable 1960’s

Verner Panton – Cone Chair

Philips Hanging Lamp – 1950’s

Teak Nesting Tables – Pastoe

Orange Vase – 1960’s

Teak Nesting Tables – Sweden

Two Metal Side Tables – 1980’s

Italian Space-Age Side Table

Post-modern Glass Coffee-table

Eromes side chairs – 1960’s

Coffeetable in teak-wood

P. King & S. Miranda – Triana

Koch – Lampette Table-lamp

Lucite Acrylic Nesting tables

Storage Trolley – Marcello Siard

Two Vintage Dining Chairs

Marko – Small Chairs

Gispen/ Cordemeijer – Chair

Tomotom – B. Holdaway

Lounge Chair – 1970s

2 Bauhaus-style Chairs

Space-Age Table – 1970s

Le Corbusier for Cassina – LC10

Kho Liang & Ruigrok – Chair 315

Lectuurhouder – W.H. Gispen

Pendant lamp in Acrylic

Set Ahrend Tubular Chairs

Art-deco – table-lamp

Vintage Teak Low Chairs

La Palma – ZA System

G. Piretti – Castelli – DSC106

Friso Kramer for Ahrend

Boonzaaijer & Mazairac – SE15

West-Germany Vase – 1970’s

Philippus Potter – Side Chair

Boonzaaijer – Mazairac – Set

Citterio for Vitra – AC2

Friso Kramer – Ahrend 1950’s

Philips table-lamp, 1970’s

Smoked Glass Nesting Tables

Smoked-glass nesting tables

Arne Jacobsen Ant chair

Memphis-style Side Table

Handblown Vintage Vase

Vintage Table Lamp 1950’s

Artemide – Tolomeo lamp

Vintage Glass Heads 1980’s

Brilliant – Table Lamp

Olaf Stevens – Glasobject

J.J.M. Hoogervorst – Anvia 6043

Set of space-age hanging lamps

Philips Wall Lamps – 1960’s

P. Baars – Tête à Fleur

Italian Desk in Memphis Style

Torbjørn Afdal Coffee Table